What is a OpenVZ VPS

OpenVZ is the OS kind of SWsoft’s well known virtualization application, Virtuozzo. Much the same as its own commercial comparable version, OpenVZ delivers compartmentalized documents methods, complete root access, along with trustworthy performance to virtual private server supervisors.

While many other Virtual Private Server Webhosting web hosting platforms are actually beginning to increase in popularity, OpenVZ is still the favored platform at our vps providers. We encourage that you compare OpenVZ and Xen in order to see whichever platform may provide you the characteristics you desire; however if you are changing from shared webhosting or you want to run a LAMP or RoR production internet site, it is probably that OpenVZ VPS web hosting is certainly the appropriate alternative for you.

Most of our vps providers have delivered OpenVZ and its retail counterpart for decades, and their substantial experience in supporting both platforms has allowed them to customize and enhance the base OpenVZ platform to provide the best possible experience for all of their clients. They have included numerous features to their OpenVZ virtual private server products to streamline the management experience and fine-tune performance.

OpenVZ VPS Characteristics

Here’s the reason why we would suggest OpenVZ hosting over Xen for many applications:

  • OpenVZ delivers the very best virtual private server performance for your money
  • OpenVZ provides our full crown of Linux os structures along with function stacks
  • OpenVZ VPS administrators get the lowest licensing fee to get WHM / cPanel web hosting reseller control panel.

Ready to set up your OpenVZ VPS? Select a vps provider below and start enjoying the low prices and uncompromising service .

OpenVZ VPS Hosting Plan Comparison

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